Past Clients

We have worked with a number of different industry, government, and research organizations.
Selected past clients/projects include:

Kansas Lottery Gaming Facilities Review Board, “Forecasting County-Level Economic Impacts of a New Casino in Southeast Kansas”, with Union Gaming Analytics, et al. (Summer 2015)

Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency, “The Impact of the Introduction of Casinos on the Sales of Traditional Lottery Products in Maryland”, with Cummings Associates (October 2014)

Florida Legislature, “Florida Gaming Study”, with Spectrum Gaming Group (October 2013)

Spectrum Gaming Group, “Casino and crime: Analyzing the relationship and the record” (July 2012)

Pauma Band of Mission Indians (March 2010; June 2013)

Canadian Gaming Association, “Issues to Consider in Implementing the ‘Socio-Economic Impact of Gambling’ (SEIG) Framework” (August 2008)

Pennsylvania Casino Operators, “Impacts of Proposed Retail Video Lottery Terminals on the Pennsylvania Lottery” with Nathan Associates and Spectrum Gaming Group (April 2008)

State of Massachusetts, “Comprehensive Analysis: Projecting and Preparing for Potential Impact of Expanded Gaming on Commonwealth of Massachusetts”, with Spectrum Gaming Group (July 2008)

American Gaming Association, “Challenges that Confront Researchers on Estimating the Social Costs of Gambling” (September 2007)

Amazing Taiwan Co., Ltd., “The Potential Economic Benefits of Casino Gaming in Taiwan”, with W.R. Eadington (September 2006)

Casino Association of Indiana, “Review of PolicyAnalytics’ ‘A Benefit-Cost Analysis of Indiana’s Riverboat Casinos for FY 2005′.” (March 2006)