In some cases, Casinonomics projects are included in larger projects. In other cases, clients permit us to use our results for academic papers. Professor Walker has published two books and more than 50 chapters and peer reviewed journal articles on various gambling issues.

For a full list of Dr. Walker’s publications, see his CV or research page on his College of Charleston website. Several recent journal publications are listed below. If you would like a copy of any of these articles (or the Casinonomics book), please email

Did Video Gaming Expansion Boost Municipal Revenues in Illinois?
with Gary Wagner. Southern Economic Journal (2021)

The Effect of Casino Proximity on Lottery Sales: Zip Code-Level Evidence from Maryland
with Will Cummings and Chad Cotti. Contemporary Economic Policy (2017)

A Review of Regulatory Theory and the US Casino Industry
with Peter Calcagno. Journal of Gambling Business and Economics (2016)

Setting Win Limits: An Alternative Approach to “Responsible Gambling”?
with Stephen Litvin, Russell Sobel, and Renee St-Pierre. Journal of Gambling Studies (2015)

Casino Revenue Sensitivity to Competing Casinos: A Spatial Analysis of Missouri
with Todd Nesbit. Growth and Change (2014)

Casinonomics: The Socioeconomic Impacts of Gambling (book, 2013)